How I cleared AZ-900 , Azure Fundamentals ?

sandeep negi
2 min readJun 29, 2021


Hey everyone welcome back to our blog post, my self sandeep working in tech for the past 2 years, working with technology such as AWS, Azure, Spring boot, Angular, and Test automation using Selenium and Postman and Azure DevOps.

So Recently I cleared the exam AZ-900, Azure Fundamentals, this is the beginner level certification offered by Microsoft, so in this blog post, we will be covering how I prepared for the exam, and maybe you can follow the same or a better approach.

So in this exam, Microsoft is not judging you on the basis of just an overview of the Azure Cloud Service provider, where you should have an understanding of when to use what service rather than how to use the service, you will be judged on Core Azure Services, Core Management Tools, General Security and networking and governance, privacy and compliance.

So let's get started on how we can prepare for the exam.

  1. Complete the Microsoft learning path for the AZ-900.

checkout the above-mentioned link from here you can complete the learning path provided by Microsoft, I must say it is the best resource but not enough for your examination

2.Video tutorials:

I have used above mentioned video tutorials to clear my understanding and believe me you can find this type of video tutorial even after buying a paid course.

3. Exam Practice Questions,

This is the most crucial part since most of the questions are from these resources make sure you check the discussion if you have doubt about the answers since in some cases it could be wrong.

Personal Experience :

in my case, most of the questions are from either Microsoft learn or the exam topics website but some topics where I think I need to improve are, Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Virtual Networks, Azure Subscription.

Maybe you can also put some more time on the above topics.

Hope this posts is helpful for you, Let me know in the comments if you wants me to include in this post, or it somehow helped for you to prepare for your exams. HAPPY LEARNING :)



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