SSH Service connection in azure devops

sandeep negi
1 min readMay 28, 2021


Without waisting any time lets take a look what are the information required to make a service connection to a remote machine

This Service connection will be used to run any commands in the remote machine or execute any bash script on that particular machine using azure pipelines,

SSH Service Connection :

  1. Create a Public key and private key from the build server
  2. Take the public key and store it in the remote server, secured location
  4. In the below screenshot we can see,
  5. Connection name: Any name can be given
  6. Hostname: Server, IP-address
  7. port number: 22 this port number is used for the ssh connection
  8. username: username of the user with which we are going to login
  9. password: Password of the user with which we are going to login
  10. Private Key: since we have created a public and private key, we will put the public key in a remote server and the private key in ssh service connection

Note: Make sure key is installed on the remote machine

The SSH connection is not blocked by the remote server

please set “system.debug=true” pipeline variable



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