Tips for an Online proctored exam using Pearson VUE ?

sandeep negi
2 min readJun 29, 2021


Hello and welcome back to my blog post hope you guys are doing great, my name is sandeep working in tech for the past 2 years, basically love all things tech.

Why you should read this post ?

I have recently cleared AZ-900, and I have given my exam using Pearson vue online proctored exam at home and I have successfully cleared the exam, so I hope my advice will work for you

Prerequisite ?

you have prepared for whatever exam and also booked the slot for the exam and now you are thinking about how it will be on the exam, don’t worry you came to the right place. So let's get started.


  1. System Test: before booking the exam, you should do the system test here you will download on Vue app and run in your system it will ask for access code which is provided by the Pearson now it will check for your mic, camera, and speaker if this is working, it will show you one question and if all goes well your system is ready for the exam, now you have to prepare. :)
  2. Identity Proof: you should have some kind of ID that is government approved such as a Driving license or Passport, this is required during the exam day
  3. Exam Day: Lets say your exam is at 5:00 PM means you have to appear for the exam 04:30 and click on the exam link, which is provided to your personal email or you can choose Microsoft dashboard both are fine.

once you clicked on the link, it will redirect to Pearson Vue website, where it will ask for the mobile number, you will receive one link, from this link you have to upload your pic, Driving license pic, and all 4 sides of the room pic once this is done, you can click next in your computer screen.

Proctored will also ask you to show your room make sure,

  • The table is clean, no monitor or no books should be there
  • No Television should be there
  • No Paper or any kind of reading materials should be there on your table.
  • If you want water make sure you take a transparent glass of water.
  • Make sure the laptop is fully charged and the wifi is stable.

4. During Exam :

  • Do not look here and there otherwise examiner will ask you to look at your screen,
  • No additional sound should come in the room

This is it guys if you follow all the above points i hope you will not face any problem during examination, KEEP LEARNING :)



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