Understanding Aggregate reports in Jmeter

sandeep negi
1 min readMay 20, 2021


Lets understand aggregate report in JMeter, first JMeter is a opensource tool that can be used to do all kind of performance testing.

Aggregate report is one of the many listener you can use to view the results.

If you are familiar with this stuff. Let see one of the aggregate report.

  1. Here you can take a look how aggregate report looks.

So lets understand this report.

  1. Samples : This is basically the total number of requests made by jMeter.
  2. Average : This is average of time taken by all the requests to complete

it is calculated by summing time taken by all the requests dividing by total number of requests.

3. Maximum : Maximum time taken by any one of the request to complete

4. Error : It will check the assertions, if all the assertions passed in all the requests than there is a Error of 0%

5. Throughput : Amount of data that can be travelled back and forth in a given unit of time.

6. Thoughput will increase the total number of samples increase, it will based on the business requirement.



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